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Titanium paradise

We made the first ring in our wave series—Eastbourne 1-a—for our good friend Mitch Adair. He wanted a ring evocative of the famous “Great Wave” woodblock print by Katsushika Hokusai.

Eastbourne 1-a

A customer liked that ring but wanted to add a whale tail, so we created Echo 1.

Echo 1

later substituting dolphins and ospreys for the whale, resulting in the Echo 2 and Echo 4

Echo 2

Variations of those rings include a ring with no color—Eastbourne 3

Eastbourne 3

a narrower version of the original ring—Eastbourne 2

Eastbourne 2

and a version with a surfer, Echo 3

Echo 3

Rings with added 14k gold rope are Easton 1 and Easton 2

Easton 1

and a green version of the original ring, Eastbourne 1-b

Eastbourne 1-b

And finally, we had a request for a classic desert isle theme with palm trees and diamonds in the sky and surf, Echo Island

Echo Island 1Echo Island 2Echo Island 3

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